Jamuan Setan (2018)

Drama, Horror | 1h 33min

Movie Info

  • Director(s): Hanny R Saputra
  • Actors: Amanda Manopo
  • Release Date: 02 Aug, 2018
  • Genres: Drama, Horror
  • Country: ID
  • Language: Indonesian

Movie Synopsis

There are three mysterious offerings placed around Pelita Bangsa High School. Rumor has it the offerings are placed by the school to appease the spirits of the students who have committed suicide as a result of bullying. Alanda (Amanda Manopo) tries to end the chain of bullying at the school. Unlike other students who just quietly watch as Bianca (Steffi Zamora), Davi (Jeff Smith), and the other popular kids bully as they wish, Alanda has the courage to fight back. Her mission to stop bullying worries her two friends, Riza (Angga Yunanda) and Keyra (Chantiq Schagerl).

One night, Alanda is cornered. As a result of the events of that night, Alanda becomes depressed and finally commits suicide at the school. Her anger prevents her spirit from resting in peace, and she returns to enact vengeance upon those who’ve destroyed her.


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