Lease Of Life (2019)

Comedy, Family |

Movie Info

  • Director(s): Lai Kim Koon
  • Actors: Henry Thia
  • Release Date: 17 Jan, 2019
  • Genres: Comedy, Family
  • Country: CN
  • Language: Mandarin

Movie Synopsis

Hawker Ah Hui leads a poor life, rich woman Jing finds it hard to find love and young singer Jojo suffers from depression because her singing career is going nowhere. One day, Ah Hui's luck changes when he meets a mysterious man who shows him ways to change his fortune through Feng Shui. Jing and Jojo are also introduced to an anonymous Feng Shui master. When Ah Hui coincidentally meets Jing and Jojo, the three team up to change their fates together. 


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【种生基】官方预告片 Official Trailer Lease of Life (2019)

Comedy, Family